Results of the Innovation Health Check analysis.

As part of its participation in the Innovation Manager Academy (AMI) program organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), SUBNEA Ltd. underwent an analysis called the Innovation Health Check (IHC), aimed at verifying the level of innovation in the company and providing expert recommendations for further actions.

During the IHC analysis, SUBNEA was assessed and benchmarked against approx 80 other companies, operating in the same or related industries, in six areas crucial for innovation development: innovation culture, business understanding, strategy, structure, potential and resources, and processes.

The results of the analysis identified several strengths of the company, including an innovative environment and motivated employees, as well as ambition and openness to change. It was demonstrated that the company understands its customers well and effectively gathers feedback from them. SUBNEA stands out with its innovative approach to services and a strong emphasis on strategic planning, continuous improvement, and efficient project management.