SUBNEA Sp. z o. o. is a Polish limited liability company, providing a high-level offshore environmental and geophysical services, including complete and comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) surveys and reports.

SUBNEA’s mission is primarily to care for the marine environment, but it also successfully carries out projects for the land industry.


SUBNEA offers customized, high-quality services provided exclusively by a carefully selected team of experts with great experiences and achievements. Through independent analysis, assessment and verification of the base material, we enable our Clients to select an appropriate strategy for the implementation of the project. Strong team leadership and collaboration with verified and reliable subcontractors, give confidence to SUBNEA’s Clients that project will be realized in a professional manner and on time.

SUBNEA team consists of leading specialists skilled in every field of oceanography, biology, marine archaeology as well as professional diving. Our experts have many years of experience both in the field of scientific research and commercial surveys.

SUBNEA management team, through their many years of experience in implementing projects in the Baltic Sea – both commercial and scientific, is perfectly familiar with the specificity of working in the Baltic Sea.

Our operational potential and access to key-ports and harbors localized along the Polish coastline, in combination with vast human resources and extensive equipment background, guarantees timeliness and success in achieving the intended goals.