SUBNEA is a beneficiary of the training and consulting program entitled Innovation Manager Academy (5th edition),
contract no: AMI.02.21_0093/22_EV, organized and subsidized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Innovation Manager’s Academy is an original program of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs open to implementing changes in their companies and managing innovations. The program aims to increase the innovative potential of enterprises by improving innovation management competencies in the company.

The AMI program is co-financed by the European funds of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development.

SUBNEA’s participation in AMI is aimed at the possibility of receiving advice on the implementation of innovations generated within the framework of the company’s R&D activity, which consists in the design and production of proprietary, autonomous measurement systems enabling continuous monitoring of physical and chemical parameters of water, important for the existence of living organisms. Remote monitoring is carried out, among others, using specially constructed OMB LSGF Mark II measuring buoys, which perform measurements of three seawater parameters – temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration and turbidity. The collected data are sent via GPRS to a server, where they are available in numerical and graphical form. This allows continuous monitoring of environmental parameters and a quick reaction in case of their deterioration or exceeding of threshold values. Such a solution makes it possible to effectively counter/minimize the negative impact of ongoing work on the natural environment. It can also be used to conduct long-term studies of conditions in a given body of water.